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Lord Vishnus Ram,Shank and Chakra Coloured Wall PanelMost of the indian houses has the wall mounting entrance top wall panels like this Gajalakshmi,and Ganesa and Ram and Conch and Chakra,The Conch..


Lotus seated Wooden Ganesa holding Gada aayudha (Mace)Ganesa wall mounting type statue is with Abaya Mudra and holds the Prasad on the other hands the upper hands on the right and left holds Th..


Multicoloured Ganapathi,Lakshmi devi and Saraswathi wooden wall deityGajalakshmi is one of the Eight incarnation of Lakshmi (Gayathri Devi).And left to it the integral god in Hinduism Lord ga..


Multicoloured Wooden Ganapathi Seated on LotusGanapathi he is an Remover of obstacles he removes the obstacles which comes in any form.And so the Mooshika who can go on any tiny holes or intrep..


Multicolourred Wooden Flute Ganapathi SculptureThis vibrant ganesha wooden sculpture is carved with the  artists creative with the legs crossed as Lord Krishna and upper two hands holds th..


Narthana Ganesh (Dancing ) Wooden StatueNarthana Ganesh is nothing but the hindu god lord Ganapathi Dancing joyfully so that his  worshippers may get the incredible joyful in their soul,this m..

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