Sengottuvel Wood Carvings

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 Wooden Elephant Wall Mount PanelThis is modern type and artistic work of wooden elephants head on the upper and the full elephant on the lower and the elephant's trunk holds the branch of the..


 Wooden multipurpose  wall mount Stand This is new type and traditional multipurpose stand that can be used for keep on the top of it any type of  light weight materials or can ..


Akshara, Ganapathi, and Lakshmi Wooden multicolored Kaavadi Akshara also called as Saraswathi Devi a goddess of Knowledge is in the extreme right and in the middle the primary god Ga..


Antique Finished Wooden Umbrella GaneshThis Wooden carved umbrella Ganesh is that creatively sculptured by the artist and and it gives the different style from the classy lotus seated type gan..

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