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Apsaras are supernatural beings who appear as young women of great beauty and elegance that are proficient in the art of dancing. They are the wives of the Gandharvas, court servants of&nb..


Ananthasayam with Conch and Chakra Wooden Wall Mount panelRanganathar is the form of vishnu reclining on Adishesha (Five headed  serpant) which is seen in the SriRangam temple located in T..


Apsaras Apsaras is mythical “Maid of Water”(Nymph),they are reputed to emerge out of the sea when it is churned by gods for the sake of ambrosia. ThIrteen of them are daughters of Kasyap..


Beautifully carved wooden ApsarasApsaras always considered to an beautiful woman with slender thigs and beautiful hips and the beautifully tied hairs like a ball.This wood made apsaras also wit..


Buy Wooden Lakshmi Statues wall mount The both upper sides of the lakshmi the elephant is Worshipping the Beautiful and Auspicious Goddess Lakshmi with Garland.As it is an Gayathri it hold..


Buy wooden wall mounting kaavadi of Goddess Saraswathi This Gorgeous floral designed Maa saraswati statue is made to decorate the wall on the interiors.This Goddess statue is Standing in p..

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