Varaha is the avatar of Lord Vishnu who takes the form of a boar to rescue goddess earth from the ocean. Earth god, BhuDevi was thrown into the ocean by the demon king Hiranyaksha, who was the brother of Hiranyakasipu. Lord Vishnu fought with Hiranyaksha, and destroyed him. This is a very important avatar, since Lord Vishnu has safeguarded the earth, by bringing it from    the ocean, thereby restoring her place in the universe. He has taken this avatar in the first yuga, that is in SATYA YUGA also known as KRITA YUGA.

Varaha appears, with a boar's head and human body.

Varaha is a major deity of Sri Vaishnavites.

The word Varaha is found in Rigveda.

Varaha avatar is taken mainly to destroy the demon king Hiranyaksha, who has given lot of troubles to the people in the earth and heaven. Several rishis and demi gods were very much suffered from him. Since he has got lot of powers with him through his penance, no one was able to defeat and destroy him.

·       Varaha Temple at Mathura 

·       Varaha Cave Temple in Mahabalipuram 

·       Sri Varahaswami Temple in TirumalaAndhra Pradesh

·       BhuvarahaswamiTemple in Srimushnam 

·       Lakhmi Varaha Temple, in Karnataka 

·       Varaha Temple, in Kerala

·       Lakshmi Varaha Temple in rajasthan 


Lord Varaha was a great avatar of Lord Vishnu, who protects the entire universe by destroying the demon king Hiranyaksha. He is worshipped widely all over india. Varaha Jayanthi is celebrated all over india. During that day, devotees perform bhajans and observe fasts in order to please Lord Varaha. Let us pray to Lord Varahaswami and be blessed.