Macha Avatar

                                                                           Macha Avatharm

Meenodamai kezhal kolariyai

Vaanaar kuralaai mulupadai muniyai

Pinnumi ramaruvarai paaril

Thuniya parainthir  thuvarai mannanumai

Kali thavirtharulung karkiyai matrum

Nalivathar kennum valvenai maatra

Naanaaruvai kondu nalladiyor

Vaanarinba mingura varuthi


Vishnu takes this avatar to preserve the universe and this avatar is the First avatar in his ten Avatars called Macha Avathar.Brahma is the Creator of all Living things in the Universe and this Avathar is taken to provide enough knowledge to those Living things in the Universe. For the Brahma who creates, the universe became day and night for thousands of years. In the Brahma's life cataclysm happens when the day finished and the night has begun. At the time of cataclysm, the whole universe will destroy. whenever the cataclysm happens the Karunakaran parathaman will save the universe this them mystery and this the reason for taking the Macha avatar.

Peoples praise him in the way, he never speaks the harsh words to any citizens and his aim is only to protect all citizens, and who always pronounce the name of the Vishnu, and follows the truth and dharma in his whole life such a great Sathya verathan(Rajan) ruled time. Rajarici Sathya verathan is the king but he led his life in a simple manner. One day when he went to do meditation in the forest. In the forest, he saw that the sage Thirkashirusthi has done the nanapotecam with his cedar. With the sage, he got the Lecturing and continued his meditation by only drinking the water.

As usual one day the Sathyaverathan, In the River of kiruthamava he done the Nirkataka .when he holds the water in his both hands at that time the small fish fell in his hand. And the fish tolled to him that protects me, the bigger fishes would swallow me. Sathyaverathan took the fish in his kamandalam and reached the Ashram. When he saw that he couldn’t even turn the Kamandalam the fish grows too bigger when he saw that he was Exclaimed. And the fish told Rajarishi to leave me in the bigger place the place is not enough for me. And so he took the fish and put in the wide vessel it grows little more so he put the fish in the lake. when he put the fish in the lake it grows little more and finally, he put the fish in the sea as the fish has told.

The Fish told” Sathyaveratha! As the Faultlessly tavaci of our hand touched me so I am as soon became large. And so ask me one boon to me, said Macha(Fish).Kurunathar has told that the Cataclysm arose nearby. Sathyaveratha told to the fish that, he wishes to see, desire and enjoy the cataclysm. Fish told to Wait for Seven days and collect the best seeds from the flora and the best representative from the fauna and also built the huge ship and keep it in the ready condition and disappears. After the seven days, there was the rain in the size of the universe and all the lands were immersed in the water. Sathyaveratha gathered all collect seeds and representatives in the huge ship. The huge fish Macha Avathar Appeared there and brought the huge snake Vasuki along. The ship with the Sathyaveratha and his collections are tied to the fish horn by the snake Vasuki.

The fish Swam by pulling the ship safely in the water to the top of the Himalayas. The Fish discussed the Sacred literature during the cataclysm. Once the flood arose the Hayagriva has appeared the fish killed him and recused the Vedas handling once again to the Brahma. They gathered seeds and the collections in the ship are thrown into the earth. All the different variety of plants and animals are reproduced. The sathyaveratha has performed the huge sacrifice, by the blessing of the god a beautiful damsel named ida has emerged from the fire and married the Sathyaveratha. Both of them gave the human race to the earth once again.