SaKthi Aayudha

                                                                         Sakthi Ayutha

In Sakthi Ayutha, the three triangle shapes are nearby each other and these are placed at the top end of the Ayutha.Inside the triangle there was four leaf structure, to join these part there will be round shaped material and they can be even four, six or eight leafs inside the triangle and these Ayutha can be called by different names such as Sakthi Ayutha, Sakthivel or velayutham.

The upper portion of the Ayutha as Sakthi, the middle portion as  Gnana Sakthi and the below portion as the Griyaa Sakthi in this manner they can be mentioned.The Sakthi Ayutha plays the vital part in God Murugan and this three sakthi comes under the Principle of him and so the Sakthi Ayutha is considered as the God Murugan’s Ayutha. Some of the people give the unique important and they pray this Ayutha.

The Sathva, Raajo and Dhamo’s three characters and the Brahma, Vishnu and Ruthran conceptual and the Harbathyam, Ahavaneeyam and Dhasinathyam’s Agni the Sakthi Ayutha represents.And also it represent the three veda’s.The Sakthi Ayutha can be made by Gold, Silver,Iron and copper. The Shakthi Ayutha has to be placed in the stiff  place and should be in the round Shape.We should worship the  sakthi Ayutha by placing it in the stone Statue.