About Us

Sengottuvel Wood Carvings is a traditional company in India, which provides wooden products such as Wooden Statues and Wooden Sculptures. In 1989, the Sengottuvel Wood Carvings was started at Salem, Tamil Nadu. The main goal of this company is to promote the carved wooden products to National and International level. The company has a huge collection of wooden products such as: Hindu Gods, Temple doors and Wooden Chariots.

The Sengottuvel Wood Carvings provides variety of Hindu God statues such as Vinayagar, Buddha, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Lord Siva, Murugan, Vishnu,etc., and also they sell these products online at low price. This company workers are well talented and experienced in wood crafting and make different statues based on customer needs.

According to customer needs, they will carve woods and product wooden products and they will deliver within the time period. Each and every statues of Sengottuvel wood carvings has been made of real wood and they will be wonderfully crafted.

About Mr. Sengottuvel – C.E.O. Of Sengottuvel Wood Carvings

Sengottuvel is a talented and traditional wooden carver, who has more than 26 years of experience in wood crafting field. He learnt the wood carving works from his grandfather and father. After completion of UG graduation, he came to this wood craft field. He has received the "Poompoogar Award", a State Award provided by the Tamil Nadu government in the year 2009 and 2010 for his achievements in his field.

Now, he has undertaken all wood carving works and promote the products throughout the world with the support of his family members and the workers. As per the customer needs, he would make the wooden products, teak wood doors and wooden vaganams.